Weekend 600.0 (…a bell-note floating to the sun)

“In God is my hope. R.B. 1605”

(1) One more last quote from Steeple Chasing by Peter Ross:

“There is a long tradition of giving names to bells, as if they were people. The bells of St Mary-le-Bow are, from lightest to heaviest Katharine, Fabian, Christopher, Margaret, Mil-dred, Faith, Augustine, John, Timothy, Pancras, Cuthbert and Bow. Each is inscribed with a line from a psalm or canticle, the first letters of which spell out D WHITTINGTON – a reference to the folk tale that Dick Whittington, hearing in their chimes the prophecy that he would be thrice Lord Mayor, turned back to London from Highgate Hill.”

(1a) The bells of St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, London

Limestone Roof Archives
(2) Weekend 585.1 (The Song of the Bells)

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