Weekend 585.1 (The Song of the Bells)

(1) Excerpt from Southampton Sketches by Elise M. Sandell

CRESCENDO — From steeple to steeple, gable to gable, from pinnacle to battlement and high over the Bargate they were flung in great sweeps and curves of sound, the echoes of the bells. Through English Street, French Street, Bugle Street, through the narrow ways of Vyse Lane, Porters’ Lane, over Friars’ Run and Winkle Street, into every nook and cranny of the town they resounded and reverberated, for Southampton, from early medieval times, has been the home of many bells.

Joyous, clamant, exultant, inspiring, their voices brought messages of comfort, admonition, and hope, while summoning to praise and prayer.

(2) The Limestone Roof Library/Catalog is available on Libib.

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