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Antique Bike SeatA diary of cycle-specific content beginning with the history of Malacovia from the Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi.

On Bicycles: A Speech by T.M. Healy. Excerpted from The Portable Irish Reader.

“But the new symbiosis between man and machine was and remains fully exposed in the humble bicycle, which became what we basically think of as a bicycle by 1885 and caught on quickly: Five years later there were ten thousand on the roads and three hundred twelve manufacturers. The leap from there to airplanes looks enormous, but the Wright brothers made bicycles in Cleveland before making the first manned flight (gliders excluded), 120 feet with, in 1903.” – Gordon Theisen

A personal photo from the archives demonstrating an early predisposition to cycling (beginning with a tricycle of course).

My first bicycle was a Schwinn Stingray and then a chrome BMX Redline. I participated in BikeNY in 2004 but a random trip to the Museum of Art and Design in 2010 elevated my interest into a still burgeoning passion.

Cycling Hall of Fame – Advocates, Heroes and Doers

(1) Elly Blue at Taking the Lane – Author, activist, social media savant, and entrepreneur. She just funded Bikes in Space via Kickstarter. Elly rides her bike to the airport…to the airport.

(2) Bekka Wright at Bikeyface – Illustrator, writer, speaker, and urban commuter.

(3) Mike Flanigan at A.N.T. – Artisan, entrepreneur, teacher, and mustached! I just enjoyed cycling until I saw his work at Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle at the Museum of Art and Design. His work was the impetus behind my conversion from occasional cyclist to cycling fanatic. My orange basket bike is the flagship of a very small New England fleet.

(4) Lovely Bicycle – Blogger, photographer, social media hotshot (Flickr, Twitter, etc.). Lovely Bicycle is an endless source of inspiration and intelligent/knowledgeable posts.