Weekend 586.0 (1.6 x 10-35 m)

(1) The Westminster Cathedral Newsletter (Fr Michael Donaghy)

“There is, in many of us, the inclination to put on a show. We can easily wear a mask to hide our deficiencies and give a show of our cleverness and virtue. One may also be a pushy person, always trying to steal the limelight, in any group or organisation. Christ hated hypocrisy in all its forms. He loved openness of character, sincerity and humility. That is why Jesus instructed that we must each become like little children, to be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Earthly rank, status, achievements, celebrity, power and wealth, count for nothing in Heaven; only the love, compassion, service, forgiveness and mercy we have shown. We are all equal there and equally loved by God. Christ warns us that those who are proud, arrogant and haughty over others, will be humbled.”

(2) A Black Hole’s Core Could be a Strange “Planck Star” (Interesting Engineering)

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