Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies.

(1) A quote from Naked Airport by Alastair Gordon

“Everything inside the terminal—flight information board, lights, staircase, railings—was designed to be part of a total environment in which each part was the natural consequence of the other, all belonging to what Saarinen called the same “form-world.” Even the heating ducts (“air fountains”) looked like free-from sculptures rising off the floor. The semicircular waiting lounge was a softly cushioned environment, a bit like the conversation pits that were popular in the 1960s—with deep red carpeting and a convex window that slanted out toward the airplanes and the drama of flight.”

(2) On my desk…

Designing TWA: Eero Saarinen’s Airport Terminal in New York by Kornel Ringli

(3) At this time in 1941, a Clipper plane was trying to get home the hard way — flying around the world! (Navy Times)

(4) A cartoon from Robert Day / Saturday Review, April 25, 1970

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