Weekend 484.1

(1) Feeling the strain: stress and anxiety weigh on world’s workers (Financial Times)

(1a) Biden sleepwalks into a stagflation nightmare (Asia Times)

(2) Brompton Bicycle “I’m getting on” by Antidote (Campaign)

(2a) Barcelona Brompton Folding Bike

(3) Renovations (According to Hoyt)

“Which is why mostly they live in ruins and grub in dirt and talk about their great purpose and congratulate themselves on no longer having any of that icky stuff in the walls. Because they no longer have walls.

Human society doesn’t work like that. Mostly what human society is built on is other human society. And I know I joke — a lot — about how Rome never fell, it just exported itself.”

(4) Gibraltar: The History of the Rock Across 14 Sieges (YouTube)

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