Weekend 484.0 [(Art)ifact]

This weekend post is all-over the place but IF you ever read my profile on Flickr it makes perfect sense.

It’s been ALMOST one year since I finished KH3 (March 14, 2020). My brother is still playing so I’ve been digging through the archives to help. Whilst scrounging around the archives I tweaked KH3 FINAL Post [STR-05] to remove a social media embed and to improve the grammar (general wordsmithing).

I also re-watched the ending of KH3 Re Mind (Secret Episode) and think someone should recut a version overlaid with “Is there anybody out there?” by Pink Floyd.

(1) Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Explained – What Happened To Sora & Kairi? (YouTube)

Sora: Heeey! Is anyone out there? Hellooo

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