Woke Disney

Disney is being upended by a bunch of rag tag content creators who know authenticity left the mouse house sometime between Eisner and Iger (and is hitting its virtue-signaling apex with Chapek). IF Disney was just like the picture of a picture of a picture of the barn in White Noise by DeLillo it would be sad but not dangerous. BUT Disney has been hijacked by cultural warriors (SJWs) and is now just an engine for delivering payloads of ideological dreck via the carcass of mostly live-action remakes. Its creatives are just automatons programmed to speak with the same empty hashtags.

(1) Disney Takes Down George Lucas Interview BUT Too Bad For Them I Have It (That Star Wars Girl via YouTube)

I don’t think Anna (That Star Wars Girl) was at university the semester (or three) Women’s Studies was covered.

(2) Nah, It’ll Be Fine: Entertainment Vlogger The Critical Drinker Hammers Cultural Corruption (The Remodern Review)

“The Disney corporation, as vassals of an enemy state, demonstrate they are obsessed with undermining the past, trying to make villainy look cool, and preaching Wokeness. The Critical Drinker demonstrates there’s no entertainment to be found there.”

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