Weekend 361.0 (Per inoequalem motum respect totes)

“Let us apply ourselves energetically in the present life, and hope in the future. Now is the time for the painful struggle; then will come the recompense.” – Saint Augustine

(1) A quote from Before Tomorrowland by Jeff Jensen, Jonathan Case, Damon Lindelof, and Brad Bird:

“They turned back to Henry. He was enjoying the ocean view, but the light was fading from his eyes. ‘I was inspired,’ he said. ‘Build your future, boy. Make her proud.’ Then he was gone. Henry sat just the same as he had when they came up the hillside. Still as a statue carved from the rock he leaned against. Lee tucked Clara’s sketchbook back into his pack, slung the pack over his shoulder, and turned to their crew. ‘You heard the man,’ he said. ‘Let’s get to work.'”

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