Weekend 360.0 (The Art of Sight and Sound)

“At nightfall, weeping enters in, but with the dawn, rejoicing.”

(1) For the first time, Disney Music Emporium brings its vinyl magic—and cool record player—to independent record stores on Saturday, April 16.

(2) Several quotes from Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: Walt Disney and Technology:

“Perhaps no other film in the Disney canon showcases Walt’s willingness to experiment with radically different concepts that were decades ahead of their time. With a focus on classical music, abstract art, and phenomenal character and effects animation, it is unlike anything else Walt created. Bringing to life gloriously rendered visions of magic, myth, and mystery, Fantasia is a psychedelic film produced nearly three decades before the birth of the Hippie movement.”

“As powerful as Chernabog may be, though, he is no match for the forces of Good. Church bells ring, and Chernabog and his minions retreat from the rising of the light. “Night on Bald Mountain” then gives way to “Ava Maria”, as we follow holy figures on a pilgrimage through the forest to reveal the sun rising over the hills, and the dawn of a new day.”

(3) The Great Pumpkin

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