Weekend 255.0 (Content Outline)

On the heels of a rather brutal week at work, two industry-affirming articles from the journal:

(1a) Bordellos for the Brain: The ups and (mostly) downs of conference mania

(1b) At the Side of an Expert Exhibitionist: Museum planner and exhibition designer Melanie Ide starts the creative process with “total immersion” in her subject matter, whether fossils or a former president. (WSJ – Registration Required)

(2) Snap Out of It: As social media changes the way we experience vacation photos, there’s no better time to improve the shots themselves. Lesson one: Focus on the details

(3) The Rise of the Cosmopolis: Four cities that have provided financial and intellectual rocket fuel for the world. (WSJ – Registration Required)

(3a) Wealth Over the Edge: Singapore (WSJ Money)

(4) How To Measure the Success of a Blog (LinkedIn)

(5) The return of Lord British! Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues via Kickstarter

(6) How to Bike to the Airport

(7) Can you call yourself a U.S. soccer fan if you don’t support MLS? (ESPN)

(8) How about some lyrics? I love this little ditty from Anna Kendrick:

“When I’m gone, when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me by my hair
You’re gonna miss me everywhere, oh
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone”

(9) Bike Pron: Pelago Bristol

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