Weekend 255.1 (Terra Cotta)

I finally schlepped to Rockwell to have my autographed print from Aaron Costain properly framed. I don’t actually have a scan of the print but you can see it at the bottom of this page as the lead for The Shame That Made a Man Out of Mac. I found this beauty at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in November.

Not sure why I gravitated to this print but there’s something about the appendages and detritus of a city (or suburbia) that makes me deeply contemplative. In this case, it’s power lines against a flat blue sky with the cleverly angled facade of a building soaked in the creamy hues of a sunset.

The facade also reminds me of Louis Sullivan and some of the books written by Chris Ware.

I also biked this morning/afternoon and really laboured. I have Daft Punk and Imagine Dragons (Radioactive) at the end of my playlist for when I start to tire and need a little oomph but should have just replayed them continuously.

I raise my flags, don my clothes | It’s a revolution, I suppose | We’re painted red to fit right in

*Update: A direct link to the print.

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