Weekend 188.0

(1) Magnetic Color Cubes® by The Orb Factory

(2) Festival of colors (Design You Trust)

(3) Birth by Sleep (KH 358/2)

(3a) Disney Epic Mickey Digicomics

(4) Television: Pan Am Promo Trailer

(4a) Community without propinquity: Communities without a sense of place formed by professional, familial, and recreation ties, bound by avocation instead of location.

(4b) Kasarda’s Law of Connectivity: Every technology meant to circumvent distances electronically, starting with the telegraph—the original “nervous system of commerce”—will only stoke our desire to transverse it ourselves. For every message we send—whether by phone or e-mail or some handheld fusion of the two—there’s a chance it will lead us to meet face-to-face. Facebook friends drop in to and become real ones; stray tweets on Twitter breed followers, contacts, and business trips. Ergo. trillions of connections yield billions aloft. The more wired we are, the more we fly. Not less. At the current rate, the Internet will render business travel obsolete at about the same time it replaces paper.

Community without propinquity

(5) Tribute to Bob Gurr & Cars 2

(6) Spatial Fix: The shape of cities is determined by how they’re used and how we move around in them (a function of the state of the art in transportation at the time). Cities are fixed in time and place and each fix creates a landscape suited to its era.

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