Weekend 187.0

London Bus III“But if flight represents freedom, reinvention, and self-renewal—and barring all of that escape—then the terminal itself has evolved into something resembling a destination…They’re amnesiac places with no future and no past, only a continual present offering the same choices—flights, duty-free, and fast food—day after day after day.

The reason we mourn that vanished era so is that the Jet Age was the all-too-brief flowering of our romance with speed. Later, we fell for seamlessness instead, spurning the freedom to go anywhere for the ability to be nowhere all the time. We traded the clouds for the cloud, and we’re living in an instant age.” — John D. Kasarda / Greg Lindsay, Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next

(1a) Hubs by Douglas Coupland

(2a) Airlines Promise: It Will Get Better (WSJ)

(3a) As You Light It: Jet Lag – Ideas of time, place, and travel within the modern cityscape.

(4) Take A Walk Through Square Enix’s Japan Office

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