Weekend 565.0

In all our photography, working in a two-dimensional medium, we try as much as we possibly can to light for a third dimensional result having roundness or stereoscopic effect.
— Karl Struss

(1) April 2023: The Boulevard Montmartre at Night (The National Gallery)

(2) Benedict XVI and the History of Art (The Imaginative Conservative)

“…no art of any real value, either sacred or profane, can come from such isolated and alienated subjectivity. Ultimately the beautiful is inseparable from the good and the true. If we will not have virtue and verity, caritas and claritas, we will not have beauty either. The truth does not only set us free, it also enables us to see; without it, we will not behold the beauty of the cosmos as made manifest in the music of the spheres; we will see nothing but mere matter.”

(3) The amazing life of Karl Struss. How have you spent yours?

(3a) Scan from Karl Struss’ Bermudian Journey

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