Weekend 480.0 (K5054)

(1) A couple of quotes from Spitfire by John Nichol:

“Spitfire prototype K5054 made an eight-minute maiden flight over Southampton ten months later. It had cost £20,765 to develop, looked good and flew well. Everyone at Vickers Supermarine was delighted. But it was not headline news. The very next day, 7 March 1936, Hitler’s Stormtroopers marched into the Rhineland demilitarized zone.”

“In less colorful language, Jimmy Taylor’s father told his family to pack their bags in readiness to flee France. The family were holidaying in the Pyrenees as Hitler’s forces massed on the Polish border. The Reverend’s hopes and prayers that his three boys would avoid war had proved forlorn. The Taylors were forced to leave the blue skies and tranquility of the mountains when their hotel shut down. They headed north to the nearest port for passage to England, threading through mobilized French reservists. When they got to St Malo it was crammed with their fellow countrymen fighting to return home. They boarded the ferry to Portsmouth on the morning of 1 September, after a final sightseeing trip to celebrate the ‘splendid defiance’ of Mont St Michel, as the Luftwaffe bombed the Polish town of Wieluń, killing 1,200 civilians.”

(1a) Germany After WW2 (YouTube)

(2) Sarah Hoyt is curating some impressive content at Instapundit. She apparently works the night shift (nighthawk). I’m equally impressed with Keri Smith from Unsafe Space.

(2a) Lee Smith Nails It, The Elites “Want Us To Know” They Hold all Power and Control (The Conservative Treehouse)

(2b) Jacobs: “Truth Commission” Needed To Control Common Narrative (Victory Girls Blog)

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