Weekend 477.0

(1) Before NR: Wandering in the Wilderness (National Review)

(2) 13 landscapes to lose yourself in (The British Museum)

(3) This black and white photo needs a story (or a caption). The scan is from British Rail Architecture 1948-97 by David Lawrence.

(4) A quote from Life Lessons from the Monastery by Jerome Kodell:

“God is with each one and in every detail of the day, ‘especially…in the divine office’ (Rule 19:2), but also at work, in private prayer, and in the daily interactions, which may cause frictions and even leave scars. God is taking care of each one personally. This is true, of course, not just in the monastery, but anywhere people turn their lives over to God. Everything is seen in a different way if one has the ‘ruling sense of God’s presence.’ But it is hard to realize in the middle of a stressful day when we are being pulled right and left.”

Color palette inspired by Kew Gardens.

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