Weekend 478.0

(1) Scottish boys Zoom children in Belize as their Playmobil boat reaches Central America coast (The Scotsman)

(2) The Swimmer by John Cheever (1912–1982)

(3) A quote from Life Lessons from the Monastery by Jerome Kodell, OSB (Order of Saint Benedict):

“There are not hermetically sealed compartments separating prayer from work and the other necessary activities of life. Benedict reminds us that ‘the divine presence is everywhere,’ and emphasizes that this is ‘especially true when we celebrate the divine office’ (Rule of Benedict, 19:1-2). But he also wants the utensils and goods of the monastery to be treated as ‘sacred vessels of the altar’ (31:10). If our public or private prayer happens to be interrupted by a visitor at the door, our communion with God is not therefore interrupted, because the guest is welcomed as Christ (53:1). The spirit is the same as that captured by the Carmelite Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, who found God in the pots and pans of his kitchen.”

(4) British Movies:

(4a) Cup Fever (1965). The “soundtrack” was done by Bill McGuffie. Anyone have a copy of Mademoiselle From Paree!? Do you think McGuffie was friends with Vince Guaraldi? The milk trucks will make you thirsty for a tall cold glass of cow sap.

(4b) 84 Charing Cross Road (1987). It stars Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft. It’s a very analog movie, beginning post WWII and continuing through the turmoil of the 1960s, chronicling the relationship of a book seller and bibliophile. The juxtaposition between New York and London is great.

It’s a true story during a time before Amazon and the commoditization of international travel when people still corresponded via pen and paper (used stamps and sent cash through the mail).

(5) The Short Life—and Awesome Resurgence—of the Aluminum Christmas Tree (Mental Floss)

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