Weekend 308.1

(1) Architect Lord Norman Foster on Good Design and Collectible Cars: The sought-after British architect reveals what he’s seeking, riding, collecting and coveting (WSJ)

“The best way to quickly transform a space is: by light and shadow. Light it, open it up to a view, provide a glimpse of the sky, orient it, close it down. For me, space is inseparable from light and shadow.”

(2) Under the Lily Pads: Frank Lloyd Wright’s SC Johnson Administration Building (WSJ)

“The theatricality of this entry sequence, all of which occurs within 40 feet of the door, is pure Wright, conjured with low ceilings and high ones, shadow and light, the heft of brick and stone, and the sparkling weightlessness of glass.”

(3) Keeping Quiet at the Monastery: Monasteries Offer a Retreat for City Dwellers Not Opposed to Sharing a Bathroom or Changing Their Own Sheets (WSJ – Registration Required)

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