Weekend 281.0

(1) The 5 Keys to Keeping (Real) Friends (WSJ)

“Friends need as much if not more tending as a garden of flowers. Because friendship lies at the center of good and flourishing lives, every one of us needs to be good at this special kind of gardening. The examples of Ruth and Nisus, Emilie du Chatelet and the Bloomsbury writers, show us how to do it.”

(2) Teenagers Are Driving Less, But Why? (WSJ)

(3) Hot Air and High Aspirations (WSJ – Registration Required)

(4) New Mickey Mouse Short: O Sole Minnie

Short Trivia!

(4a) The name of the whale?
(4b) Poster of the whale adorns which attraction in WDW?
(4c) Tribute to famous Disney artist and attraction?

(5) Closing day at Belmont.

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