Weekend 244.0

(1) Writing in Darkness and Light (WSJ)

“In his reply, he introduces her to epiphanies—”instances of intense revelation (through love or a glimpse of transcendental beauty in the natural world) which gave such a sense of joy and self-realization that that they justified and, in effect, ratified…existence. In other words, the existential anguish becomes undone; through moments of aesthetic and spiritual fulfillment we find the very reason for existence. The creative act in art often approaches this, but it can work on humbler levels as well…I think I tried to render this quality of revelation—’epiphany’ in a part of ‘Nat Turner.'”

(2) Toy Stories With Six-Figure Endings (WSJ)

(3) A Tiny Revolution: From micro-apartments to folding kayaks, small is big (WSJ)

“But we do—and should—love our antidote to the massive: the minuscule. Small things let us focus on what’s right in front of us: the present, one manageable corner, objects that we can carry and comprehend, making us feel more like giants than pawns.”

(4) The Kid Stayed in the Pictures: A sober portrait of a witty artist who was more troubled and troubling than his fans would have ever imagined. (WSJ)

(5) Goddess of Small Things: At her London gallery, Libby Sellers is bringing a curator’s eye to design—and elevating everyday objects to fine art (WSJ Magazine)

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