Holiday Week(end) 2012

A couple of random links as we amble towards 2013:

(1) Samland: Latest Selections For A Disney Fan’s Library (Mice Chat)

(2) New Year’s Resolutions From 10 Top Minds and Makers (Wired)

(3) How Pixle Created Its Clever Cut-and-Fold Papercraft App ‘Foldify’ (Wired)

(4) Visions of Proust: AndrĂ© Maurois not only adored “Remembrance of Things Past”; he married one of its characters. (WSJ)

Limestone Observations (Pronouns and Superlatives)

(1) One of my favorite scenes in Skyfall is when Bond is sitting in front of The Fighting Temeraire at the National Gallery in London.

My love affair with J. M. W. Turner is well documented on Limestone and its inclusion in the film just solidifies the bond (clever).

(2) I rarely get excited about apps but Book Crawler is great. The Limestone Library has now been cataloged!

(3) We’re expecting snow in the northeast which means my normal Saturday/Sunday bike ride is on hold. Also, really struggling to keep my hands warm in these colder temperatures which is threatening to end my riding season.

(4) I’ve been playing Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion on the 3DS XL and have enjoyed it tremendously. This review by Audrey Drake on IGN is stellar. The painted backgrounds are incredible which makes me wonder WHY Nintendo doesn’t offer a screen capture application in their eShop. I regret not meeting Warren Spector at D23 in 2010 but hopefully he will participate this summer (and be featured in a panel).

(5) How long before someone wills their Twitter and/or LinkedIn network?

(6) Quote from John Milton: “Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.”

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