Weekend 228.0 (‘Integrity of Purpose’)

J. M. W. Turner Summer Villa(1) Nelly Furtado – “Feels So Close” Acoustic on SiriusXM Hits1

(2) I’m also digging “Overwhelmed” by Tim McMorris

(3) A quote from Walt and the Promise of Progress City by Sam Gennawey:

“He [Walt Disney] said his success ‘was built by hard work and enthusiasm, integrity of purpose, a devotion to our medium, confidence in its future, and above all, by steady day-by-day growth in which we all simply studied our trade and learned.'”

(3a) Tweets From Pixar’s School of Plotting (WSJ)

(3b) Why Our Innovators Traffic in Trifles: An app for making vintage photos isn’t exactly a moonshot. Are we too obsessed with ‘tools of the self’?

(4) What’s occupying Burgoyne? Minecraft and summer reading. We’ve also been playing Pocket Planes.

(4a) Day trip ideas: Ride Connecticut rail history

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