Weekend 221.1

(1) Brave New World (is Here!)

(2) Rebel Cel (WSJ)

(2a) A related quote from Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler

It was Zack Schwartz, according to animation historian Michael Barrier, who had the revelation that “our camera is closer to being a printing press, in the way we use it, than it is to being a motion picture camera.” What Schwartz meant is that animation should be the handmaiden not of film, as it was at the Disney studio, or of comic strips, but of design, and that it should be a product not of popular culture but of high art. As Hilberman explained the evolution of UPA, “It was simply that you had designers who had art training who were beginning to push out and feel their oats. People who knew who Picasso was and could recognize a Matisse across the room. And here they were at Disney, Warners, working on this really corny, cute stuff. They were ready. UPA was the first studio that was run by design people, and we were talking to an adult audience, to our peers.”

This quote from Deborah Needleman (Editor in Chief at the WSJ Magazine) fit the theme of 221.0 very nicely:

“Our high-tech lives sometimes seem to favor short attention spans and a preference for novelty over quality. The people we feature this month embody the principle that true imagination–the fuel that begets great ideas and products–requires discipline and an understanding of the past, and never indulges in design for design’s sake or mixes cleverness with cluelessness.”

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