Weekend 216.0

Clannad After Story - A New Family(1) How To Be Creative (WSJ)

(2) The London Oratory

(2a) @LondonOrat – “We must pray incessantly for the gift of perseverance.”

(3) The Story of The Famous Poster – Keep Calm and Carry On (VIDEO) – England, books, history, trains and Stuart and Mary Manley.

(3a) Barter Books

(3b) The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

(4) Futuristic Airports Unhindered By the Baggage of Reality

(5) WEEK IN WORDS (WSJ) || Winglet: The word winglet is also used to describe many other things, including parts of birds’ wings, little wing-shaped ornaments on clothing and flower petals that resemble wings.

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