Weekend 212.2

(1) Where Time and the Timeless Intersect (WSJ)

(2) “The moral, as I take it, is that sometimes you have to leave home for a while in order to recognize the treasure that is there.” – Daniel Libeskind from Breaking Ground

(3) This print ad for Brooks is fantastic and it’s a shameless opportunity to quote Alain de Botton.

“At the same time, he [Kahn] lets us openly savour and celebrate the antique pleasures of oak, showing to full advantage the warm-tones, clarity, and striated grain with which time endowed it. As befits a building dedicated to the paintings of a nation more tortured than most by the completing claims of history and modernity, the Yale center for British Art delivers an elegant essay on how past and present might learn to coexist and complement each other. In doing so, it sketches the for us the dimensions of an ideal contemporary Englishness.”

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