Weekend 207.0

Human Crossing - The 25th HourStill running post holiday errands so blogging is light…In the meantime:

(1) McMahon: Cuomo’s big idea looks like 1970s

I saw this on Instapundit and while I think Cuomo’s BIG idea is tired/old (and a guaranteed boondoggle) the Javits Center is a DUMP and the only business in town. And I’m qualified to post about this because convention center(s) impact my livelihood.

(2) Convention Wisdom: Cities keep squandering money on hotels and meeting facilities

(3) Sovereignty and the Pitiless Passage of Time (WSJ)

“But in today’s secular society, Mr. Davies says, such an awareness no longer exists: The young, ignorant of history, enjoy a false sense of permanence, while our historians are too specialized to appreciate the ultimately fleeting nature of all that man contrives.”

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