Weekend 185.0 (Austin Edition)

Playmobil Bike II(1) Austin Museum of Art (AMOA)

(1a) GOOD DESIGN: stories from herman miller

(2) Game On (Austin Monthly) – Short article about Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) and the video game industry in Austin.

(2a) Ulitma IV, Apple IIe

(2b) South by Southwest Interactive

(3) Dining in Austin? Limestone recommends La Traviata

Wall Street Journal • Saturday/Sunday, June 4-5, 2011

(4) How Europe Lost Faith in Its Own Civilization

(5) Caution: Universal Icons at Work

(6) Interstate Highways as a Long-Haul Project

(7) Why We Must Learn to Love Weeds

“Ralph Waldo Emerson opted for usefulness and said that a weed was simply “a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” This is a generous and botanically friendly idea, suggesting that reprieves may still be possible for the condemned.”

(8) The Festival of Britain 1951

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