Weekend 181.0

Model Building Lobby(1) Knuffingen Airport, World’s Largest Miniature Airport, Goes On Display In Germany

(2) Sherwin-Williams “Daybreak” Commercial 2011

(3) Felipe Neves Photography

(4) Riding the Rails of Locomotive Maps (WSJ)

(5) Love books? Spend a weekend in NYC at BookExpo America (BEA).

(5a) Utopia Forever: Visions of Architecture and Urbanism

(6) What’s So Great About Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater? (WSJ)

(7) Walt’s Wonder Years

(8) Building a Thinking Room (WSJ)

“Today, it turns out, the real cutting edge of architecture has to do with the psychology of buildings, not just their appearance. Recently, scientists have begun to focus on how architecture and design can influence our moods, thoughts and health. They’ve discovered that everything—from the quality of a view to the height of a ceiling, from the wall color to the furniture—shapes how we think.”

Spring Thunderstorm Rainy Day Ideas

(9) Theme Park Design: Behind The Scenes With An Engineer [Paperback]

(9a) K’NEX Thrill Rides

(10) Schwinn Magic Bell

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