Weekend 143.1

(1) Robo-Bedding from the Land of Nod.

(2) Forget That Trip You Had Planned to the National Soccer Hall of Fame (WSJ)

(3) Alnaschar and the Oxen by Rudyard Kipling

There’s a valley, under oakwood, where a man may dream his dream,
In the milky breath of cattle laid at ease,
Till the moon o’ertops the alders, and her image chills the stream,
And the river-mist runs silver round their knees!
Now the footpaths fade and vanish; now the ferny clumps deceive;
Now the hedgerow-folk possess their fields anew;
Now the Herd is lost in darkness, and I bless them as I leave,
My Sussex Cattle feeding in the dew!

(4) “non-redundant events per unit [of] time” (WSJ)

(5) Art in the Airport [Austin-Bergstrom International Airport]

(6) Fight For Your Bike

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