World Cup Update (& Football Poetry)

Football at Limestone Roof is a 365 day love affair SO there were no special posts regarding the US victory in group play against Algeria. The blogger with many visions™ is ecstatic because of his (a) long-standing man crush on Landon Donovan, (b) England and Holland are in the Round of 16, (c) the US won Group C (first time since 1930), and (d) Les Bleus and the Azzurri are crawling back to Europe.

Some of the tournament disappointments…I wish New Zealand and/or Australia advanced to the Round of 16. England versus Germany is a lousy quarter-final match up (especially in light of England’s Greatest Fear) AND Brazil, Mexico and Cristiano Ronaldo are still in the tournament.

On the straw behind the goal by John Oliver
I watched the match
when I was a lad lying on straw behind the goal
Envied the people in the stands
But I did not mind the cold.
All those winter Saturday mornings
When North East winds would blow
I would turn up at St James’s Park
And help to shift the snow.
Now I sit high up in the Gallowgate end
A glass roof above my head
In our ultra modern stadium, but I feel it must be said
That I saw, Milburn, Mitchell, Robledo
Names etched upon my soul
Watching the match when I was a lad
Lying on the straw behind the goal.

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