Weekend 605.0 (Empire)

“…but British expertise in amphibious operations had begun to turn the tide.” — Sam Willis

(1) The British humble the Americans in Ceylon. This video demonstrates a strategy for managing a beach landing on an island fortress in AOE 3 DE.

(2) A second campaign against the French. The goal is to protect colonial possessions by dislodging the French. The strategy is as follows:

(a) Battleship and Frigates disable dockyards and mop up any remaining French vessels. The blockade now prevents the French from re-supplying. Factories were strategically destroyed earlier in the campaign¹, and marketplaces constantly bombarded by mortar.
(b) Troops² are loaded on Caravels.
(c) Monitors, Caravels, and Galleons sit on the southwestern coast of the French island
(d) Monitors create a beachhead; Caravels land troops³ and Galleons provide reinforcements.
(e) Priests and monks arrive to bury the dead and care for the wounded.

¹RIP 15th Artillery Division.
²Control of the BIG island ensures all indigenous peoples are allies and fighting on behalf of Her Royal Majesty’s British Armed Forces.
³Vital that ALL Galleons land their troops. Monitors should target fortified outposts to protect lightly armored Galleons. In this campaign, all 4 Galleons deployed their troops on the beachhead.

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