Path of Totality

(1) The Eclipse and the Annunciation (The Catholic Thing)

The moon is an apt Christian symbol for the Blessed Mother, as the moon has no light of its own, but only reflects the light of the sun; Mary reflects the light of her Son upon the face of the earth. But the moon is not purely ancillary much less merely decorative; its gravitational pull keeps the earth in balance, as it were.

(2) A quote from The Prayer of Love and Silence:

The fulness of Christ, in whom as St Paul says are united all things, draws souls to him by countless different ways. The ineffable richness of divine Being cannot but manifest itself under divers aspects. Apart from the natural plane, we can extend our legitimate devotions to the various aspects of Our Lord’s Person; to Our Lady’s part in mirroring the light of Christ and drawing us to him; and equally to the sacramental and liturgical aids that the Church spreads before us so lavishly. These ways or manifestations of divine Providence are numberless and varied, by reason of the very simplicity of divine grace, and of our imperfect capacity for receiving it.

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