Weekend 591.0 (Fabulous Harry, I love the feathers)

(1) A quote from British Rail: The Making and Breaking of Our Trains by Christian Wolmar

“In setting out what I see as this corrective to the history of British Railways, I would like to emphasize that I am not motivated by nostalgia. For me, steam engines are rightly consigned to history, and rattling along branch lines at 30 mph is not something I miss. Indeed, in writing more than a dozen books about the railway I have never indulged in melancholic moans on the theme of ‘it was so much better in the old days’. Rather, my deep affection for the railway stems from the sheer pleasure of what is undoubtedly the best form of travel – apart from the bicycle for shorter journeys – and in learning about the role it has played in its near two centuries of existence.”

(2) GWSR

(2a) Sutton’s Locomotive Workshop (SLW)

(2b) Class 24 (British Rail Locomotive Wiki

(3) How to Open MBOX Files on MacOS or Windows (CNET)

Reducing dependency on GOOGLE. #NEWYEARSRESOLUTIONS.

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