Weekend 589.0 (Rommer Treece)

“At some point in his studies the student of military history begins to perceive great events as climaxes to a series of ironies.” — W.J. Wood

What’s cooking? I’m smack dab in the middle of a 4 1/2-day break and the coffee drip is working overtime. I’ve been back in the US for more than a year and mostly repatriated (mostly). This was a fairly grueling travel year workwise so my lethargy on these down days is a bit depressing.

I bought an odd “book” from the Bermuda Book Store whilst I was on Somers Isles called Bermuda Picture Album. It was pricey, hand cranked, and assembled in a plastic binder. It’s mostly postcards, photographs, and advertisements before 1915 from private collections. One of the collections is from the Zuill family and they are as close to Bermuda royalty as you can get. It was compiled by Frank Kusk, and it looks like, very sadly, he passed away in 2020. He seemed like an interesting chap.

Do you have any passion projects you want to complete before your earthly pilgrimage is over?

Weekend 565.0 – Limestone Roof (Karl Struss)

(1) The Royal Book – instructions for looking like you should be on the throne (The History Jar)

(2) Dire Straits – Ride Across The River (YouTube)

Oh nothing gonna stop them as the day follows the night
Right become a wrong, the left become the right
And they sing as they march with their flags unfurled
Today in the mountains, tomorrow the world

(3) Cemetary Junction Trailer (YouTube)

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