Weekend 581.0 (…beautiful but woefully unkempt)

(1) The End of the Beer Option? Thoughts on the Closure of Spencer Trappist Brewery (Building Catholic Culture)

(2) The One, True, Imaginative Vision (The Imaginative Conservative)

“When disordered, it can also become a source of tremendous disorder: It is the raw nerve that Socrates set on fire, when he sought to teach Athenians to live an “examined life,” a choice to question even one’s own presumptions in favor of the truth; it is the painful climbing out of the Cave and learning to look at things by the light of Reality, not one given by the Puppet Masters of the age one inhabits.”

(3) A couple of UK Films on TUBI for your consideration:
(a) Albatross (um, Felicity Jones)
(b) Fever Pitch (NOT the version with the insufferable Jimmy Fallon)
(c) Tamara Drewe
(d) Ginger and Rosa
(e) The Bromley Boys
(f) Cemetery Junction (um, Felicity Jones) [added on 11/26/2023]

Also Strongly Recommended by Our Proprietor:

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