Weekend 575.0

(1) More quotes from On Modernism’s Ruins: The Architecture of “Building Stories” and Lost Buildings by Daniel Worden:

“For Samuelson, as for Ware, history is present through objects, and the passage of time entails a regretful decline in the value ascribed to those objects.”

“Ware comments that one of the things that drew him to the project was its emphasis on Louis Sullivan’s early modernist architecture, which seemed to be ‘frozen life.’ As a form, comics rely on dialectical relationships between the fragment and the whole; each panel is both discreet and bound to its predecessors and antecedents. Ware’s phrase ‘frozen life’ suggests an analogous fragmentation, a necessary episodic moment that can be observed in and of itself, yet also placed in a temporal continuum.”

Downtown Local by Hudson Talbott 1980 (Paper Moon Graphics)

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