Kingdom Heart 3: Risk Taker Trophy (.01%)

There was one trophy left when I finished KH and KH: Re Mind. The Risk Taker Trophy is ultra-rare and according to PS only achieved by .01% of all players. In order to achieve this trophy, you must replay KH, KH: Re Mind, and Limit Cut and defeat each boss with a massive handicap (basically NO cures, etc.) via PRO CODES. The BIGGER the handicap the more points you earn -and- this means you won’t have to defeat ALL of Organization XIII in Limit Cut.

The ‘A Rank’ unlocked for me with 364,375 points after I defeated Dark Riku. I fought Xion (just for fun) with most of the PRO CODES off and earned another 9,375 points to finish with 373,750¹ points.

I’m NOT a good gamer (old man with diminished dexterity) but the ONLY battle I had to cheese was Terra-Xehanort. I went to the DM three-times!

(1) I owe Pedro from Pedro’s Gaming Corner on YouTube royalties. His ‘how to’ guides for the data battles are amazing.
(2) I don’t ever want to hear Goofy say “they got lotsa of cargo to sort out” again!
(3) There are a couple of great guides on Reddit that are invaluable. This one from u/ZeroSora is top shelf.
(4) The YouTube guide from Tealgamemaster is the best summary I could find.
(5) Played the game for a total of 94:32 (started around October 1st).
(6) Achieved MAX points in the main game at 165,000; Re Mind 175,000 and 25,000 in Limit Cut. See below for the rest of the points.
(7) The toughest battles for me were Sköll, Dark Inferno, Xemnas, and Terra-Xehanort.
(8) Kingdom Hearts 3: The Best Order For The Limit Cut Data Battles (GAMERANT)

Data BattlesPoints
Young Xehanort16,250
Riku Replica16,875

¹Defeated Master Xehanort on December 31, 2022 for a total of 381,875 points (+8,125).

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