Feast Day of St Thomas Becket

“They found in him a model of opposition to royal tyranny.” — Thomas Becket murder and the making of a saint

There are two very slim titles on Thomas Becket that should be included in your library. The first is A Murder in the Cathedral by T. S. Eliot. The second is The Book in the Cathedral by Christopher de Hamel.

A quote from Hilaire Belloc:

“That the Church of God is a visible single universal society, with powers superior to those of this world, and therefore of right, autonomous. That principle is the negation of the opposite…the principle that the divine and permanent is subject to the human and passing power. St. Thomas died for the doctrine, the truth, that the link with eternal things must never be broken under the pressure of ephemeral desires, that the control of eternal things cannot, in morals, be subjected to the ephemeral arrangements of men.”

Becket’s shrine recreated digitally (Medievalists.net)
Murder and the making of a saint (British Museum)

Limestone Roof Photo Archives
Thomas Becket Exhibit
Canterbury Part II

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