Ansem Report Podcast

The hosts have guests sit on the hot seat and answer thirteen KH related questions. Here’s my pass at answering those questions. Questions 12 and 13 aren’t really applicable so I have a couple of substitutes.

(Q1) Favorite KH game?
(A1) Birth By Sleep
(Q2) Favorite non-KH game?
(A2) 2400 AD
(Q3) Favorite KH character?
(A3) Aqua
(Q4) Favorite Disney movie¹?
(A4) Meet the Robinsons
(Q5) Favorite KH villain?
(A5) Luxord
(Q6) Favorite Keyblade?
(A7) Starlight
(Q7) What world do you want to see in KH4?
(A8) Silly Symphonies: Music Land, Lullaby Land, and/or King Neptune²
(Q8) Favorite KH song?
(A8) Heroes and Heroines: Characters’ Medley by Yoko Shimomura
(Q9) What does the KH community mean to you?
(A9) Incredible fan art
(Q10) Favorite song in Melody of Memory?
(A10) I didn’t play this title!
(Q11) Best Nort?
(A11) Master Xehanort
(Q12) What are your goals next year for content creation?
(A12) See Below
(Q13) Shamelessly plug your stuff
(A13) See Below

My alternatives for Q12 and Q13:

(Q12_A) Favorite Mini-Game?
(A12_A) Rumble Racing (Birth By Sleep)
(Q13_A) Favorite World?
(A13_A) Neverland, La Cité des Cloches, and Prankster’s Paradise

¹Unclear whether or not they mean full length feature animation and/or live action film. If it’s live action, it’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Love Bug, The Black Hole, Tron, The Rocketeer, and Tron: Legacy

²This could rival Cuphead stylistically.

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