War of the Roses

This is not meant to be exhaustive and is a work in progress. One of my interests is the House of Percy and it started with the signet-ring at the British Museum. My table doesn’t include the Battle of Bosworth Field, but in a bit of just desserts Northumberland’s inaction had much to do with the end of Richard III (Yorkist).

The Earls (and Dukes) of Northumberland: The Percy Family Tree (CardinalConky)

Sir Thomas Percy (c. 1504 – 1537) was a martyr and died at Tyburn. Thomas Percy, 7th Earl of Northumberland, was also a martyr and was beatified by the Catholic Church.

Battle & LocationDateVictorNotable Deaths
St Albans IMay 22, 1455YorkEdmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset & Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland
Ludford BridgeOctober 12, 1459Lancaster
Northampton July 10, 1460YorkThomas Percy, 1st Baron Egremont
WakefieldDecember 30, 1460LancasterRichard of York & Edmund, Earl of Rutland (Father & Son)
Mortimer’s CrossFebruary 2, 1461York
St Albans IIFebruary 17, 1461Lancaster
Ferrybridge March 28, 1461York
TowtonMarch 29, 1461YorkHenry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland and Lord Dacre Gilsland
Hedgeley MoorApril 25, 1464YorkRalph Percy
Edgecote¹July 24, 1469N/A
BarnetApril 14, 1471YorkRichard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick (the Kingmaker)
TewkesburyMay 4, 1471YorkThe Prince of Wales (Son of Henry VI)
¹Among the survivors who remembered the battle’s horrors was Herbert’s ward, the twelve-year-old Lancastrian Henry Tudor, who had been led to safety by the Shropshire knight Sir Richard Corbet.

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