Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary (PII)

After Sora fades on Destiny Islands what does Kairi do next? Did Sora say something prior? The single tear seems to indicate resignation versus shock. Sora knows he’s vanishing (after abusing the power of waking “foolishly”) but does Kairi know before they deliver Chirithy to Ventus in the Land of Departure, reawaken Naminé in Radiant Garden, enjoy fireworks at Disney Castle, and sea salt ice cream during sunset at the Clock Tower? Does Kairi (and the other five guardians of light) consult with Yen Sid, Merlin or the Fairy Godmother before she consents to sleep in the chair of Ansem the Wise in Radiant Garden for a year?

Is there a scenario where the six guardians of light + Xion (one of the thirteen seekers of darkness) go back to Le Grand Bistrot for a reunion on the anniversary of Sora’s disappearance? We know Aqua, Terra, and Ventus are in the Realm of Darkness searching for Sora but can they be contacted? If there is a reunion what would it look like and who would attend?

Day 1
Arrive at Central Station
Tour of Restoration Progress at the Old Mansion
Picnic Lunch in The Woods (near the Old Mansion)
Update from Cid, Ansem the Wise, and company on the whereabouts of Sora at the Twilight Town Hotel & Convention Center
Dinner at Le Bistro
World premiere of “Guardians of Light” at the Tram Common Outdoor Theater
Stained-Glass and Mosaic Exhibit in the Underground Passage (features works from Beast’s Castle‎, Castle of Dreams, Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden‎, La Cité des Cloches‎, Land of Departure‎, Scala ad Caelum, and Kingdom of Corona)

Day 2
Conclave at the Mysterious Tower (Kairi, Riku, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Roxas, and Lea)
Ceremony at Destiny Islands (floating lights led by Rapunzel and Megara)

Drafted this yesterday before the BIG announcement. There will be a KH IV and the story arc with Sora will continue!

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