Weekend 525.0 (points, points, points)

I didn’t make the match on Saturday at St Mary’s because my travel plans were derailed* by Eunice. The train left Waterloo at 8:00 something and was cancelled after we arrived at Basingstoke (about 2/3 of the trip to Southampton). I haven’t seen the Saints WIN at home this campaign and the match against Everton would have been top shelf.

There were some positive outcomes though. Whether or not I was there three points is three points (points, points, points…). I met an amazing family of football fanatics on the return trip from Basingstoke on their way to see the match between Fulham and Huddersfield. It was three generations- father, son, and granddaughter! My post about Hereford and football is life is taking on extra meaning.

The other consolation prize yesterday was my first trip to a movie theater since the pandemic. I saw Belle and it’s from the same director as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. My plan is to post a separate review BUT just want to highlight there’s a picture of a Brompton in the train station on a poster about travelling with bikes!

It’s time for coffee and another chapter of The Brothers York.

*See what I did there.

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