Weekend 521.0 (Margarita & Kickboxing Class Edition)

(1) Fans Aren’t Gatekeeping Anything, They’re Just Wary Of Would-Be Dictators Trying To Take Over Their Hobbies (Forbes)

(2) Square and Disney Should Go Big for Kingdom Hearts’ 20th Anniversary (GAMERANT)

(3) Our Church and Our “Elites” (The Catholic Thing)

“And they [elites] have this additional disadvantage. They are unlikely to have darkened a church door, so that the spiritual heritage of Christendom is for them at best an uncharted territory, an unknown continent, and at worst, a monster of the post-Christian imagination, a bugbear to frighten secular toddlers.

The elites have been in the vanguard of cultural evisceration, in all kinds of ways. Only the Church can recover the abandoned land, and till it with love. By comparison with what people still within living memory once took for granted, there are now no dances, no socials, no local ball leagues, no community singing, few parades – and those but exercises in garishness and obscenity. And no genuine common life.”

(3a) Masks Off (Memology 101)

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