BBB: $3 Trillion Inflation Accelerant

(1) CBO Score of Permanent Costs of Build Back Better Act Show $3 Trillion Increase in Deficits Transformational policies are not temporary policies. If Democrats truly believe the BBBA is transformational, then today’s CBO score is a more accurate reflection of the measure’s cost. (PRN)

(2) Dollar Purchasing Power Plunges. Inflation +6.2%. For Urban Wage Earners +6.9%, Highest in 40 years, Most Monstrously Overstimulated Economy Ever. (Wolf Street)

Fed still printing money and repressing “real” interest rates to negative 6%, new vehicle prices spike by most since 1975, housing CPI jumps, food & energy soar.

(3) ‘Not good enough’: Democrats scale back $600 IRS disclosure after backlash (Washington Times)

(4) What living in a delusion looks like… (John Talks via YouTube)

Jim Cramer as Baghdad Bob:

(5) “The Strongest Economy I’ve Ever Seen” (Memology 101 via YouTube)

(5a) CNBC Host DEMANDS Military Enforcement Of Vaccinations In Insane Rant (Timcast IRL via YouTube)

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