Weekend 512.0 (The Germans…)

Station…wore gray, you wore blue.

The Scene
The Letter

(1) Yet Another Movie by Pink Floyd (YouTube)

The track includes audio from Casablanca.

(2) ‘Railways For Ever’ (1970) (YouTube)

A British Transport Central Photographic Unit Film with acknowledgements to Kodak Limited

(3) 1970 Waterloo Station (YouTube)

(4) Great Central Railway by John Betjeman

We watched the empty platforms wait
And sadly saw it go.
By now the sun of afternoon
Showed ridge and furrow shadows
And shallow unfamiliar lakes
Stood shivering in the meadows.
Is Woodford church or Hinton church
The one I ought to see?
Or were they both too much restored
In 1883!
I do not know. Towards the west
A trail of glory runs
And we leave the old Great Central line
For Banbury and buns.

Photo is from the Limestone Archives™

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