Weekend 503.0 (Three Cups Walk)

Spent the weekend in Ely/Cambridge. The highlight was The Stained Glass Museum in Ely. I’ve started an album on Flickr and will publish a proper post in the not so distant future. Amazingly there were NO references to E.W. Twining at the museum.

My two favorite stained glass windows from the collection were Christ The Good Shepherd (1913) designed and made by Karl Parsons and a Franciscan Boy and a Vision of Heaven (1931) designed and made by Margaret Edith Aldrich Rope. Margaret studied under Karl Parsons at Central School or Arts. The details and colors in both are exceptional and my photos include dozens of closeups.

The chalice in the design by Parsons sits on a beautiful blue and green background whilst the pink, red, and white in the halo connect the Son of God with the Resurrection. The contrast between light/dark in the Rope design is softened by two penitent angels (both bathed in yellow).

Other notable designs in the collection included Bird Quarry, St Paul Preaching at Athens, The Virgin Mary and Disciples at Christ’s Ascension, St Joseph and the Angel, and The Visitation. My favorite designs seem to focus on the Mysteries.

Sunday Mass and Rosary was at Our Lady of the Assumption and The English Martyrs.

*The images is a scan from The Stained Glass Museum: Highlights from the Collection

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