Line in the Sand

“The man who commits violence against his mother [i.e. the Holy Church] revolts against humanity.”
– Louis VII

I would rather be in a congregation of one than have the CC bend the knee on something so fundamentally contradictory to church teachings and doctrine. I’m using Reuters to highlight “journalistic” integrity via their choice of hyperbolic words like rifts, divisions, and rocked. It’s important for Reuters to build and advance a narrative.

(1) U.S. bishops vote to draft Communion statement that may rebuke Biden (Reuters)

“U.S. Roman Catholic bishops announced on Friday that they had voted to draft a statement on Holy Communion that may admonish Catholic politicians, including President Joe Biden, who support abortion rights.”

(2) St. Thomas Becket & Joe Biden: The Next Four Years ~ Fr. Kirby (YouTube)

(3) Courageous Priest Proclaims Joe Biden is an Embarrassment to Catholicism (YouTube)

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