Weekend 489.0 (Canterbury Tales)

Spent the day in Canterbury! I’ve started to post photos on Flickr. The Cathedral was technically closed BUT I was still able to take photos of the Cloister and Nave. I didn’t see St Augustine’s Chair, Tomb of the Black Prince, Trinity Chapel or the Altar of Swords but planning a return trip. I also visited St. Augustine’s Abbey (also a Heritage Site). The weather was brilliant and I was able to amble about the ruins taking photographs in a space almost devoid of people.

I’m reading The Stripping of the Altars by Eamon Duffy so expect random lists of museums, relics, art (paintings and poetry), and traditions/customs mentioned in the book marked with a Double Dagger ‡.

This daily meditation from Lead, Kindly Light for April 26th is a great (great) summary of the book:

“In matters such a Revealed Religion, surely it is most unwise to stumble at its mysteries, instead of believing and acting upon its promises. Instead of embracing what they can understand men criticize the wording in which truths are conveyed. The Apostles taught and preserved them. And we, instead of rejoicing that they should have handed on to us those secrets concerning God, have hearts cold enough to complain of their mysteriousness.”

(1) Milton Keynes – A Village City (1973) | Britain on Film (YouTube)

(2) One of my exceptional cafés, Foliage in Bristol, was featured in an ad for Microsoft Teams.

(3) The Museum of the Order of St. John

(4) Ambitions

(4a) Ambition 1: Visit 1 of the churches from Tiny Churches by Dixe Wills and 1 from 100 Churches, 100 Years by Susannah Charlton, Elain Harwood & Clare Price

(4b) Ambition 2: Thomas Becket pilgrimage (England and France)

(4c) Ambition 3: Bury St Edmunds Abbey

(5) Broken and Bent by Peter Sallet (YouTube)

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