Weekend 483.3 (4th Sunday of Lent)

La foi peut déplacer des montagnes.

Went to Mass at Tyburn on Saturday. The Foundress, Mother Marie-Adèle Garnier, referred to Holy Mass as the SUN of her life. What beautiful words.

(1) A quote from Life Lesson From The Monastery by Jerome Kodell, OSB:

“Acceptance starts with an awareness that reality does not adapt itself to me, and that this is a good thing. I must adapt myself to reality, which seen with the eyes of faith is Reality—God himself. Acceptance does not look mainly at the past. It only takes one look backward in order to accept what has been. Acceptance is an attitude of looking forward, of facing life as it comes, of being ready to receive, as a gift of God whatever comes along. With God’s grace we do the best we can in responding to the people and events of every day, and if we say the wrong thing or have a misunderstanding or misinterpret how we should deal with someone, we admit it, examine what went wrong, and ask forgiveness if we have been at fault. But we do not keep looking back at what happened, or pick it up and carry it around our necks. We leave it behind and go forward trusting God’s love and providence as life unfolds before us.”

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